Hi everyone,

It’s time for another update from us! First of all, 2020 will be a very exciting year for us. For starters, in February we have 4 new artists joining the Fireroot Team. This means that the team is growing rapidly.

What’s happening at the office?
We are nearing the end of the so-called pre-production phase. This means that we are almost done finishing the newly created foundations for parkour and telekinesis. Two elements that will stay in Rogue Reaper: Awakening. In the months following the release of Rogue Reaper, we have gathered a lot of feedback on both parkour and telekinesis. In February we will be testing these mechanics.

A new game, a new art style
As you might have seen in previous images that we have shared, RR:A will have a new art style. This will include deeper patterns, stylized objects, and a wider set of variations with the assets. Since we have more artists, we are trying to share more information about our progress. Your feedback is what helps us moving forward and creating the game you are excited for.

The story of Lilly
One goal that we want to achieve is to tell the story of Lilly and her father. The world has to “live” (not literally… because there’s a deadly plague after all). We are trying to achieve this goal by implementing particle systems, moveable objects and much, much more.

How about bosses in the game?
One question that we have received a lot is: “Will there be more bosses in RR:A?”. We had a lot of fun designing the final boss of the original game, so continuing to create bosses is something we would love to do. Creating tailored experiences (i.e. bosses) can be quite difficult. Therefore all suggestions for bosses are welcome. This can be concept art, mechanics, gameplay loops.. anything is welcome!

Thank you for following us, and more info will be shared soon.


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